BioClinic A.P.P. Mattress Syst w/Low Air Loss 10

New BioClinic A.P.P. Mattress Syst w/Low Air Loss 10
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  • The Joerns BioClinic APM is a unique therapy system that provides pressure redistribution by alternating pressure between adjacent (A-B) air cells
  • Alternating pressure therapy has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers as well as being a valuable aid in the treatment of those identified as being at risk of developing pressure ulcers
  • Alternating pressure therapy enhances patient comfort and wound healing
  • Two modes of operation: Therapy and Alternating
  • herapy control settings for eight levels to maximize patient compliance and promote healing
  • Alternating mode alternates the pressure in adjacent therapy cells automatically on 10 minute cycle
  • Closed loop control system eliminates concerns of changes in mattress interface pressure due to patient repositioning and ambient temperature changes
  • Twenty individual therapy cells eight-inch deep construction for superior pressure redistribution
  • Therapy pad with four unique qualities:fluid proof  moisture vapor permeable  infection control treatment  low friction and shear surface
  • Specially designed closed system allows mattress to remain inflated without any power up to 12 hours
  • Rapid CPR deflation with quick disconnect hose feature at the control unit interface and easy pull CPR flag at head of bed
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