Upper Body Aerobiciser (Model E-4)

Upper Body Aerobiciser (Model E-4)
Brand: CM.
Product Code: EN380-E4
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Designed for physical rehabilitation to provide cardiovascular exercise for patients and to improve range of motion endurance and strength * Upper body arm crank is height adjustable to accomodate a wide range of exercise positions for back and shoulder patients * Range of motion is 45 degrees up and 20 degrees down from the horizontal crank position. Position the arm crank using either the tilt angle indicator or adjustment tube rule * Ergonomically designed hand grips rotate at the push of a button into 3 preset hand positions vertical horizontal and 45 degree angled * Telescopic variable length crank arms can also be positioned to place the patients hands together or 180 degrees opposed * Resistance is provided with a magnetic resistance flywheel * Instantaneous retrocycling capability (resistance both forward and reverse directions) * Smooth and quiet belt drive as opposed to chain * Includes a visually stimulating LED matrix display monitor with 8 workout programs including hill climbs automatic maximum heart rate and a manual control setting * Control panel measures time distance speed calories and heart rate * Seat is adjustable and removable for wheelchair access * Includes footrests for optional feet positioning * Size: 56 L x 34 W x 58 H 200 Lbs.* Partial assembly required * 1 year warranty *


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